My First Giclee

I picked up my first Giclee print today… and approved the proof for my second print. Kind of exciting to see how someone with an excellent camera and the right set up and the right printer, can make such high quality prints. Thanks so much to Sacramento Giclee for their excellent work.

The first one is my watercolor of an Evening Sky… And the second print is Winter Oak on Table Mountain. As others express interest in prints for other of my works of art, I can make them available as prints as well as the original.

What is Giclee? From Wikepedia, we find: “The word giclée was adopted by Jack Duganne, a printmaker working at Nash Editions. He wanted a name for the new type of prints they were producing on the Iris printer, a large-formathigh-resolution industrial prepress proofing inkjet printer they had adapted for fine-art printing.”

While I could imagine trying to print small 8.5″ by 11″ copies on my own printer of a picture I took of a piece of art with my iPhone, the quality of a giclee print is so much better. It is all about capturing the image in the camera, adjusting the colors to match the original, and then having the right kind of printer, the right kind of inks and the right kind of paper to make it all come together.

It is a whole new opportunity for me. I’m excited!

By the way… Giclee is pronounced: ZHēˈklā

Starting an “ArtLog”

OK… so I’m being unconventional. A Web-Log, or Blog, is a term long used on the internet. But… I’m thinking of an Art Log…  and I’m just starting to learn how to do this on my web page.

So, this is my first ArtLog entry. Nothing much here, yet… Stay tuned. I’ll come back for more to keep people updated on what I’m doing. I’m also hoping to have a way to put you on a mailing list so you can see updates I may make. But that may take some more time.